About Derek Loudermilk
  • About Derek

    Derek Loudermilk is the host of the top rated podcast: The Art of Adventure, this mission of which is to teach you the skills you need to do something that has never been done before. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, charisma and podcast coach, and keynote speaker
  • For over a decade, Derek has built his career around his greatest passions and a quest to contribute to the world. A former scientist, in 2012 Derek discovered a new species of Virus in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park.
  • Derek is a former international cyclist and world record holder for fastest ascent of Bali’s three tallest volcanoes. As a cycling coach, Derek trained national championships teams and individuals. An author at the Good Men Project, Derek has been featured on Wired, CNBC, Zestology, and dozens of Podcasts and media outlets. test
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  • Podcast Coaching

    Launch your podcast in one month! Want to grow your audience, be perceived as an expert in your field, and produce valuable content? Want to be Cool Hand Luke behind the mic and give your listeners an amazing experience? Join dozens of other podcasters who have launched their shows to the top of the charts with Derek’s help.

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  • Heroic Personal Coaching

    Be you own hero! What does it mean to be a hero in your life? Heroes are know for the actions they take - learn the confidence, charisma, and execution it takes to be a hero. We will develop your secret identity and supercharge your health, relationships, and lifestyle.

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  • Speaking

    Get ready to embark on an epic quest! One of the world's leading experts on adventure, Derek is sure to be a hit with your audience with his unique blend of storytelling and improv comedy inspired performance.

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